Leadership Development

Leadership is both a gift and a learned skill.

The PNA Ministry Network recognizes the value of leadership and is working to enhance this key dimension of the church, both among career ministers and laity. This includes providing specific programs and opportunities for current leaders, and discovering potential leaders for the church’s future.

At present we offer the following leader development opportunities:

  • Pastors’ Huddles – Connect regularly with other PNA pastors for growth and support.
  • PNA Connect – The annual PNA Convention.
  • Leadership Focus – A guided learning and cluster experience for ministers in the credentialing process.
  • Global Leadership Summit – In cooperation with one of our churches which are host sites, pastors and other church leaders are able to take advantage of this annual event.

Visit our Leadership Resources page for more details on these and other leadership opportunities for our pastors and congregational leaders.

We are also blessed with the proximity to our regional Church of God college: Warner Pacific University, which trains and equips students within a transformative learning process.