“Every Christian disciple has a ministry, and all who are called to ministry should be accountable. Ministerial credentialing, however, relates to particular vocational calls and carries with it both recognition and accountability…

“Credentialing in the Church of God movement may take the form of licensing and ordination. Each requires that certain qualifications be met. It is the responsibility of the appropriate credentialing body to determine whether or not a minister is qualified for credentialing and, if so, when and at which of the levels. Evidence of certain spiritual prerequisites is required by a credentialing committee in order for a prospective ministerial candidate to initiate pursuit of appropriate credentials.”*

Northwest ministers interested in obtaining Church of God credentials should indicate their desire in writing. More information on the credentialing process can be obtained from the following video:


Frequently Asked Questions

More information on the Leadership Focus components of the credentialing process can be found in the following document:

Leadership Focus Overview

The PNA Credentials Committee (chairperson: Andrew Stinson) is responsible for the credentialing process in our region and works within the policies and guidelines of the current Church of God Credentials Manual:

Credentials Manual (2021)
English / Spanish

Credentials Manual PNA Addendums:
April 2013
October 2014
March 2019
February 2022 #1, #2

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*Credentials Manual of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). 2017 Revised Edition, p. 17