Resources for Churches

Church Health and Growth

The PNA Ministry Network’s mission is to strengthen churches and leaders for God’s mission, and in this effort we are working to provide a number of tools and resources that will make a difference. Each congregation is unique and not every suggested program we offer will fit every situation, but we are committed to help you find a suitable approach that can enable your congregation to be healthy and growing.

Ignite! Church Multiplication – A PNA Ministry Network initiative to help our churches implement multiplication strategies.

Dying to Restart: Churches Choosing a Strategic Death for a Multiplying Future – Free ebook

Racial Justice

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Organization and Structure

Congregational Structure – We strongly recommend the following book to assist churches in adopting a mission-focused organizational structure:

Winning on Purpose: How to Organize Congregations to Succeed in their Mission by John Edmund Kaiser (Abingdon, 2006).

Based on this Accountable Leadership model we have prepared sample bylaws and guiding principles for your reference.

Please contact us for more information and consultation regarding the above resources.

Pastoral Evaluation – We have prepared a simple evaluation form and process for churches to use for an annual review of their pastor.

Finances and Legal

Bookkeeping and Taxes – These two downloadable booklets from the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) (Ministers Tax Guide, and Church Tax Guide) provide valuable information. The IRS publication 1828, Tax Guide for Churches and Religions Organizations, may also be of value.

Accountable Reimbursement Policy – Churches need to adopt a policy for reimbursing staff for incurred expenses to avoid the reimbursements to be considered as taxable by the IRS. We provide a sample for you.

Church audits – This information from Servant Solutions provides churches guidance on conducting annual audits.

Compensation Planning – Pastoral Compensation: A Manual for Congregational Boards (PDF / purchase) is a new Church of God book, essential reading for every congregation.  Servant Solutions provides an annual guide to assist church leaders in compensation planning for ministry personnel.

Document Retention and Destruction – This information and proposed policy is from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Property Safeguarding – Information on how to protect the title to your church’s property.

Property Tax Exemption (Washington) – Basic information on how churches obtain property tax exemption, and the requirements to maintain that status.

Same-Sex Marriage – Resources for churches to back their positions with national Church of God actions and for the purpose of implementing local policies within their congregation: 2014 General Assembly Resolution / Recommended wording for local facility usage policy / 2017 Credentials Manual

Servant Solutions – In addition to the Church of God Retirement Plan available to ministers and church staff, Servant Solutions (formerly Church of God Board of Pensions) has a number of valuable online resources available to churches, especially those related to compensation.

Upcoming Conferences

Northwest Ministry Conference – March 2021

Church of God Convention – June 26-29, 2021 (Denver, CO)

Double K Family Camp – July 14-18, 2021

Global Leadership Summit – August 5-6, 2021

PNA Connect – October 11-11, 2021


2019 Family Camp with Jerry Davisson – July 14, July 15, July 16, July 17, July 18

2018 Family Camp with Rebecca New-Edson – July 15 (sorry unavailable), July 16, July 17, July 18, July 19

2017 Pastors’ Day with Tom Planck – July 21

2017 Family Camp with David Sebastian – July 16, July 17, July 18, July 19, July 20

2016 Pastors’ Day with Bob Moss – July 22

2016 Family Camp with Bob Moss – July 17, July 18, July 19, July 20, July 21

2015 Family Camp with Randy Montgomery – July 12, July 13, July 14, July 15, July 16

2014 Pastors’ Day with Jim Lyon – July 18

2014 Family Camp with Diana Swoope – July 13, July 14, July 15, July 16, July 17

2013 Family Camp with Jeannette Flynn – July 14, July 15, July 16, July 17, July 18