Racial Justice

Recent current events have highlighted the divides that exist in our society, and remind us of the ministry of reconciliation to which Jesus calls us. The PNA Ministry Network has established a Racial Justice Task Force comprised of various congregational leaders to help us resource and encourage churches and leaders as they take this on in their communities.

PNA Board statement

In light of recent events in 2020, the PNA Board of Directors has made the following statement:

We, the leadership of the PNA Ministry Network, are deeply saddened by the continuing series of deaths and the injustices over a long period of time to people of color which have most recently resulted in an outpouring of violent protests and riots across our nation. As a people committed to following Jesus we recognize racism is an affront to humanity that cannot be tolerated. Jesus saw the intrinsic value of all people and clearly stood up for those who were wronged and oppressed.

We unequivocally declare that racism is sinful and has no place in the life of the believer or the church. We further declare that tolerance of racism slanders the name of Jesus and all humanity- which the scriptures declare has been made in the image of God. We lament and are deeply grieved over any acts of racism within our culture and institutions and choose to stand in solidarity with all people of all cultures. We recognize the importance of fully including our minority churches in our district life and know that we have not always succeeded in doing so; we commit to doing better.

In a humble effort of reconciliation and restoration, and with intentional action going forward as the people of God, we commit to the following:

  • We own our responsibility as the body of Christ to stand up for our marginalized brothers and sisters; apologizing for and regretting the moments when we have not noticed their suffering or have allowed them to stand alone. (Philippians 2:3-5)
  • We commit to becoming better listeners and learners of the journeys and realities of all peoples different from ourselves. (Proverbs 1:5)
  • We commit to embrace and celebrate the beauty and strength in our collective diversity. (Revelations 7:9-10)
  • We acknowledge the intrinsic value of all people and devote ourselves to loving unconditionally. (Galatians 3:26-28)
  • We commit to joining together in prayer and, from that posture, standing up to the injustice in our world. (Micah 6:8; Isaiah 1:17)

We recognize that these issues require ongoing engagement and action, and we are committed to continuing efforts to challenge and equip our congregations and leaders to live out the Good News of Jesus in our communities. Today and every day may our words and actions demonstrate the love of God as the most powerful force in our world. (1 John 4:12)


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