Strengthening Churches for Mission

Local congregations are where ministry launches: The message of Jesus is proclaimed, lives are changed, and people are discipled and equipped to be witnesses within their communities.

The PNA Ministry Network is committed to seeing our churches healthy, effective and growing. We provide a number of programs and services for this end, and we are looking for more ways to accomplish this in the future.

Churches face many challenges today. Christianity no longer enjoys its broad, favored position within society, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Yet, the message of Jesus Christ is as important and relevant as ever. It is critical, however, that churches engage the culture around them with the purpose of bringing about transformation. Deliberate steps must be taken to insure that the mission of the church is not overshadowed by peripheral activities or programs.

Check out the resources on this website, or contact the PNA Ministry Network to learn how we can assist your church in fulfilling God’s mission in the area in which you are located.


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