PNA Connect 2022


A tremendous opportunity for PNA churches to connect!
Our convention brings us together,
providing a way to celebrate what God is doing among us,
and to equip us for greater Kingdom impact.

October 9-10, 2022

Fairview Church

844 NE 78th St, Seattle, WA 98115

All members, leaders, and pastors of PNA churches
are invited to be part of this great annual gathering

Program Details | Registration | Accommodations | PNA Annual Meeting | FAQs

Program Details

PNA Connect is an annual event that provides a range of activities designed to strengthen churches, leaders and our entire network. Sunday evening begins with a time of worship and a keynote challenge. Monday morning features a nationally-known speaker to engage us on a topic relevant to our ministries. Later, we have a number of other activities designed to connect you with other churches and leaders, and the PNA annual meeting. Our time together concludes in the afternoon with a celebration service.

Please note that PNA Connect is NOT just for pastors – all congregation members and leaders are invited to attend!



Considering the challenges that we all face coming out of the past couple of years, we are pleased to have Dr. Bob Whitesel with us for the Monday morning workshop. He will work with us on the topic of “Post-Pandemic Church Health.”

For over 30 years Bob Whitesel (DMin, PhD) has coached and consulted churches of all sizes on issues of growth, health and change. An award-winning writer/scholar, he holds two earned doctorates from Fuller Theological Seminary, is the recipient of both Donald McGavran Awards, the founding professor of an accredited seminary and has authored 14 books and hundreds of articles. One of the nation’s most respected and awarded church growth and health coaches, he continues an active career training and coaching leaders through and

Bob is very familiar with our movement, having grown up in the Church of God. You will enjoy getting to know him, and to hear his heart for you and your congregation!


KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jim Lyon, General Director, Church of God Ministries


The detailed schedule is not yet available. For now, note that registration is scheduled for 5:30pm on Sunday, and the event should be complete by 5:00pm on Monday.

Key times:

7:00pm – Keynote and Celebration reception

9:00am – Conference
12:30pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Introduction of Executive Director candidate, Annual meeting, Closing


    • Regular registration is $99* (until September 30th)
    • Late registration, at the door, is $109*
    • Attendees under 18 registration is $29*

*NOTE: All registrations include Monday lunch


TRAVEL POOL – To bring a greater level of cost equity for participants far away from the convention location, we utilize a travel pool! Based on the number of participants from a church, some churches closer to Seattle will pay an additional fee (based on distance and number of registrants), whereas many churches farther away will receive a subsidy from the pool (also calculated on distance and number of registrants). More details are on the Church Registration form (and in the FAQ’s below).



CHURCH REGISTRATION (to be completed by Lead Pastors, or designated representatives)

MAIL |   Travel Pool online payments

Accommodation information

We have made arrangements with several approved hotels in the area for rooms at a preferred rate. Since there are a limited number of rooms available, book as soon as possible. In addition, we are working to find a limited number of families in the area willing to host attendees in their homes.


We have special arrangements with the following hotels (while supplies last):

    • Hampton Inn and Suites. 9550 1st Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115. $129.00 rate until September 26th. Use this LINK, or call the hotel directly at 206.522.6991 and tell them you are part of the “PNA Church of God” group. 
    • Comfort Inn and Suites. 13700 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133. $122.44 (King) / $132.05 (2 Queens) rates until September 30th. Call the hotel directly at 206.361.3700 and tell them you are part of the “PNA Church of God” group.

A limited number of Church of God families in the area are opening their homes for convention attendees. Please contact the PNA Office to request such an arrangement.

PNA Annual Meeting registration

Pastors and congregational delegates have an additional registration step for voting in our annual business meeting that takes place Monday afternoon. This takes place in the Church Registration form above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Who is PNA Connect for?
A – PNA Connect is the annual convention for the Pacific Northwest Association of the Church of God, and is intended to bring together all of our network churches. As a result, all members and leaders – not just pastors! – connected with these congregations are invited to attend.

Q – Why is PNA Connect in Seattle?
A – In planning conventions, we look to host the event in one of our churches to keep costs down. In addition, we want to make sure that the location is convenient for most people to reach. Fairview has a wonderful facility, well suited to our needs, and we appreciate them making it available to us. For those distant from western Washington this will be a little more challenging, which is part of the reason we have implemented a travel pool to help make costs more equitable. Our plan is to move the event around the district so that everyone will be closer at some point.

Q – What if I can’t attend the entire convention?
A – We have designed this event to pack in as much as possible to keep costs down and make it easier for those who work during the week. To get the full impact of the convention we encourage you to be there for all of it, beginning with registration on Sunday at 5:30pm and ending with a celebration service that will conclude late afternoon on Monday. By staying through to the end, most people will be able to get home that same evening, although you may wish to depart the next morning.

Q – What is the Travel Pool?
A – One of the great challenges in the PNA is the great distance over which our churches are spread – 600 miles from one end to the other. This makes it difficult and costly for us to get together physically, especially for those not near our meeting site. The travel pool is designed to help equalize travel expenses for our congregations, and is a practical way that we demonstrate our partnership with each other. Churches closer than the average distance of all churches to Richland pay into the pool, whereas churches farther away will receive payment from the pool. More details are found on the Church Registration form.

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