COVID-19 Resources

These are challenging times in our world as we combat the novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Congregations are affected, facing disruption to their regular rhythms and ministries. More than ever, we must rely on God’s peace and strength. This is also a time of tremendous opportunity for us to live out and proclaim the Good News of Jesus in our communities, demonstrating the Kingdom of God.

The PNA Ministry Network is highly committed to serving our churches and leaders during this time of crisis and uncertainty. In addition to the resources listed here, please contact us to help you work through the challenges you are facing. 

Weekly video conference for pastors – Tuesdays at 9am (contact the PNA Office for connection information)

Weekly video conference for congregational ministry leaders – Tuesdays at 1pm (contact the PNA Office for connection information)

CDC Guidelines for Churches

Washington State Re-opening Phases

Financial Strategies for congregations 

CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program 

Overview and Checklist

Treasury Department Information Sheet

Application Form

Church of God Resources

Pastors’ Discussion Board on Faithlife 

    1. Go to this link:
    2. Login using your Faithlife account. (You probably have one, but if you do not you can “Register”. Avoid creating another account, if you already have one).
    3. You should have access to the discussion board within the PNA Pastors group. (If you don’t – likely because you had to create a new account – request permission to join and we will grant that as soon as we are able).
    4. Change your Notification Preferences for the group to make sure that you are notified regularly by either email or push notification on the Faithlife mobile app of new content.

Video Conferencing Options for Churches

Check back for regular updates!